PhD Theses

Last updated, 28 Mar 2021

This page is a libary of PhD theses related to critical management/organisation studies, which are available for download.

Send us ( your thesis (ideally in pdf), and we will upload it. 


PhD Theses

Nesterova, I. (2020) Small business transition towards degrowth. Download PDF here.

Langmead, K. (2017) 'Exploring the performance of democracy and economic diversity in worker cooperatives'. Download PDF here

Ferns, G. (2017) Organizing nature as business: Discursive struggles, the global ecological crisis, and a social-symbolic deadlock. Download PDF here

Pijpers, K. (2017) Haptic encounters with archaeological knowing: Bodily practices in excavation. Download PDF here.

Johnsen, C. G. (2015) Who are the post-bureaucrats? A philosophical examination of the creative manager, the authentic leader and the entrepreneur. Download PDF here

Limki, R. (2015) Postcolonial excess(es): On the mattering of bodies and the preservation of value in India. Download PDF here

Bradford, S. (2014) A major left wing think tank in Aotearoa – an impossible dream or a call to action. Download PDF here

Cristia, J. F. E. (2014) Organizing technological innovation of medical devices companies: An empirical study of two Midland venture companies. Download PDF here

Klein, V. H. Jr. (2014) Organizations and imagination: The imaginary institution of risk management. Download PDF here

LLoveras, J. (2014) Heterotopian markets for degrowth: An ethnographic inquiry. Download PDF here

Paulsson, A. (2014) Arenan och den entreprenöriella staden. Byråkrati, viljan att samverka och gåvans moraliska ekonomi. Download PDF here (in Swedish); Download abstract in English here

Alamgir, F. (2013) A peoples' perspective on rights centric industrial restructuring and sustainability: A case study on the state owned Jute Mills of Bangladesh. Download PDF here 

Bell, D. (2013) Towards a nomadic utopianism: Gilles Deleuze and the good place that is no place. Download PDF here

Chertkovskaya, E. (2013) Consuming work and managing employability: Students' work orientations and the process of contemporary job search. Download PDF here

Wilson, S. E. (2013) Thinking differently about leadership: A critical history of the form and formation of leadership studies. Download PDF here 

Alakavuklar, O. N. (2012) Yönetsel kontrole direncin ahlakı. Download PDF here (in Turkish); The ethics of resistance to managerial control. Download abstract in English here

Leonardi, E. (2012) Biopolitics of climate change: Carbon commodities, environmental profanations, and the lost innocence of use-value. Download PDF here

Nicholson, H. (2011) The undoing of identity in leadership development. Download PDF here

Tsaousi, C. (2011) Consuming underwear: Fashioning female identity. Download PDF here

Cassinger, C. (2010) Retailing retold. Unfolding the process of image construction in everyday practice. Download PDF here 

Kokkinidis, G. (2010) (Agro)topia? A critical analysis of the agricultural cooperative movement in Greece. Download PDF here

Patsiaouras, G. (2010). Rethinking Veblen's contribution to consumer research: A phenomenological enquiry into the perception of 'status consumption' by middle income British consumers. Download PDF here

Veldman, J. (2010) The corporate condition. Download PDF here

Beverungen, A. (2009) Whither Marx in the business school? Download PDF here

Loacker, B. (2009) The ethos of artists – role-model of the postfordistic working world? An analysis of the subjectivity-constituting effects of project-based forms of work and organizing. Download PDF here (in German)

Pedersen, M. (2009) Tune in, break-down and reboot: On the production of the stress-fit self-managing employee. Download PDF here

Bojesen, A. (2008) The performative power of competence – An inquiry into subjectivity and social technologies at work. Download PDF here

McMahon, A. L. (2008) The politics of innovation: A critical analysis of the conditions in which innovations in health care may flourish. Download PDF here

Parsons, R. (2008) Constructions of 'community engagement' in the Australian minerals industry: A critical study. Download PDF here

Dunne, S. (2008) On the question of corporate social responsibility. Download PDF here

Chatzidakis, A. (2007) The role of neutralisation in consumers' ethical decision-making. Download PDF here

Hoedemaekers, C. (2007) Performance, pinned down. A Lacanian analysis of subjectivity at work. Download PDF here

Spoelstra, S. (2007) What is organization? Download PDF here

Tregidga, H. (2007) An analysis of organisational reporting discourse. Download PDFs in 3 parts: OneTwoThree

Al-Amoudi, I. (2006) Constituting rules: The production of legitimacy in two European organizations. Download PDF here 

Bridgman, T. (2004) Commercialising the academic's public role: Theorising the politics of Identity constitution and practice in UK research-led business schools. Download PDF here

Monaghan, C. H. (2004) Development of the adult learners’ management philosophy through critical management studies courses. Download PDF here

Reedy, P. (2004) The manager's tale: An exploration of the narrative construction of managerial identity.
Download Word file here

Learmonth, M. (2003) Rereading NHS management. Download PDF here