Centre for Experimental Ontology: Parasol #2 paper submissions.

Last updated, 10 Jul 2017
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Subject: Wilhelm Reich
Centre for Experimental Ontology

The Centre for Experimental Ontology is looking for submissions to the second issue of its journal (Parasol). The issue is themed loosely around Wilhelm Reich and his orgone theory. Straightforward new age interpretations need not be submitted as the centre is looking for novel philosophical interpretations on the various surrounding Reichian themes (e.g. vitalism, psychoanalysis, ufo's (as ultra and extra terrestrials)). 

Parasol referencing is idiosyncratic to the individual, but should still be respectful to the works cited. This policy aims at liberating the writer. We want you to think and write well unshackled. Be adventurous (experimental) in your writing.

Questions, submissions should be sent to ceo47@outlook.com