'Challenging Capitalist Modernity' Conference 2017 Releases Call for Papers

Last updated, 18 Dec 2016
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The 'Network for an Alternative Quest'
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The 'Network for an Alternative Quest' has released a call for papers for its 3rd Conference to be held in Hamburg in April.

The conference, entitled 'Challenging Capitalist Modernity III: Uncovering Democratic Modernity ― Resistance, Rebellion and Building the New' has made a call for papers under four headings: Genealogy of the State, Philosophy of History, Moral and Political Society and Ecological Economy, City and Countryside.

The deadline for paper abstracts is 15 January with the final deadline for submissions 10 March 2017.

Hundreds of students, academics and activists have attended the conference held bi-annually with prominent speakers such as David Harvey, Janet Biehl, Radha D'Souza, David Graeber and John Holloway presenting papers.

Organised by a collective of Kurdish groups, the conference aims to discuss new concepts, ideas and an alternative society and system to capitalist modernity.

The conference is informed in large part by the works of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has written extensively about superseding the state, women's liberation, ecology and communal economy.


Source: Kurdish Question