EGOS 2017 Sub-theme 17 - Values, entrepreneurship and organizing

Last updated, 18 Dec 2016
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Conference stream at EGOS
Copenhagen Business School

Christian Garmann Johnsen, Lena Olaison and Saara Taalas are organizing at sub-theme at EGOS in Copenhagen (6-8 July 2017) on 'Values, entrepreneurship and organizing'. Do please consider joining us!

Summary of theme: The current multiple crises of economy, ecology and the political bring the question of what values are into a new and critical stage. We therefore invite a conversation between humanities, entrepreneurship studies and organization studies about the nature of values. We want to reflect on the ontological status of values (‘What are values?), but also consider how values serve as the cause of organizing (‘How do values shape our lives?’ and ‘Against which values should the organization be evaluated?’) and effect of organizing (‘How are values created?’). We thus invite papers that address all aspects of the challenges, crises and struggles inherent in values and its conceptualization.

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Submission of short papers open until January 9, 2017


Feel free to direct any questions to the convenors:

Christian Garmann Johnsen, Copenhagen Business School,

Saara L. Taalas, Linnaeus University,

Lena Olaison, Copenhagen Business School & Linnaeus University,