Home and Away: CMS as Antipodean Project

Last updated, 4 Jun 2008
University of Auckland, New Zealand
02/12/2008 to 05/12/2008


CMS-ers are invited to consider attending Critical Management Studies @ ANZAM this (southern) summer.



Note that: ACSCOS 2008 - The 3rd Australasian Caucus of the Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism - Neophilia and Organization takes place just before ANZAM: University of Technology, Sydney, 26-28 November 2008.









Colloquially speaking, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand comprise ‘the antipodes’ – at the opposite ends of the earth from Europe. In this stream we invite participants from all or any antipodes to explore Critical Management Studies as an antipodean project.  Are the antipodean relationships inevitably those of colonising and colonised?  What opportunities are there to reverse or rework these oppositions? What does it mean to carry out CMS from home and/or away? 



We invite you to reflect on how your current critical projects can be presented with some reflections on antipodean relationships. 



For instance: 

What is the place of origin for CMS? How has it travelled? 

How does the CMS writer’s antipodean location reflect her preoccupations, topics and theories? 

Is CMS dominated by NATO – North Atlantic  Theory of Organizations  If so, should  this domination be turned upside down, and how? 

What locations or practices make CMS writers feel at home in CMS, and which are estranging? 

Do CMS researchers feel ‘at home’ in organisational research sites, and how might familiarity or strangeness shape our projects? 

Do CMS academics feel at home in business schools? If not, where would they ideally like to be located? 

What possibilities are there for CMS philosophical frameworks that do not constantly refer themselves back to Europe? 


Stream coordinators: 

Deborah Jones, Todd Bridgman, Sarah Proctor-Thomson, 

Victoria Management School, Victoria University of Wellington  

Contact for information: Deborah.jones@vuw.ac.nz 



Australian and New Zealand Academy Of Management (ANZAM) 

Auckland, New Zealand 2-5 December, 2008 

Hosted by the University of Auckland Business School 

Conference Theme: "Managing in the Pacific Century" 

 See CMS stream description and keywords:


Please note that all papers will be double-blind refereed.  


* Full papers for refereed submissions - 20 June 2008. 

* Proposals for workshop/research symposia submissions - 20 June 2008. 

* Notification of acceptance/rejection - 29 August 2008. 

* Final refereed papers for proceedings - 26 September 2008. 

* Early bird registration closes - 26 September 2008. 



Full DETAILS on the conference including the paper submission guidelines can be found at the conference website at http://www.anzam.org/conference2008