2nd New Zealand Discourse Conference: 'Tilts and Shifts – Applying a Discourse Analysis Lens'

Last updated, 20 May 2009
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Auckland, New Zealand
18/11/2009 to 20/11/2009

Submissions of abstracts for presentations for the 2nd New Zealand Discourse Conference are invited from academics and others interested in using discourse analysis approach to understanding the social world.  The abstract submission deadline is 20 July 2009.  For registration and further information please check the conference website: www.nzdc.aut.ac.nz

Abstracts are invited that use discourse analysis to address theoretical, methodological or empirical research issues in a variety of themes including, but not limited to: Community and health, Gender and diversity, Education and learning, Globalisation and development, Finance and capital, Ideology, power and knowledge, Culture and identity, Media, Marketing and consumption, Place, space and time, Public policy and the state, Practice and praxis, Professions and institutions, Language and communication, Work, management and organisation, Science and technology.