2014 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, CMS division

Last updated, 22 Oct 2013
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1-5 August 2014
Philadelphia, US
Call for papers pdf: 
2014 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, August 1-5


Critical Management Studies (CMS) Division Call for Submissions: Scholarly Program

Program Co-chairs: Emma Bell, Keele University, UK e.bell@keele.ac.uk; Scott Taylor, University of Birmingham, UK s.taylor@bham.ac.uk


The CMS Division invites submissions for the scholarly program at the 2014 Academy of Management meeting in Philadelphia. CMS serves as a forum for the presentation of analysis that is critical of established mainstream management practice and the taken-for- granted social or economic orders surrounding organization and business. Our premise is that structural features of contemporary society encourage organizations and their members towards domination and exploitation. Approaches to understanding these dynamics draw on a wide range of perspectives including postcolonial theory, feminist analysis, ethical theory, Marxist and post-Marxist frameworks, ethnography and labor process theory. Popular topics in recent years include but are not limited to: social change and social movements, alternative economic and organizational forms, globalisation and power elites, and critical histories of management thought.

We particularly encourage papers and symposia that relate to the theme of this year’s conference, The Power of Words (http://aom.org/annualmeeting/theme/). This focuses attention on the role of language in the politics of inclusion and exclusion and the violence that can be done through words. Possible questions include:

-    How does language contribute to constructing and maintaining global or local inequalities of race, gender, class, religion, identity? How does language define relations between ‘the West and the rest’?

-   How are words and linguistic discourses used to support the profit imperative, and how can alternative discourses be created?

-   How can words be used to challenge managerial action, organizational domination and exploitation? What is the role of digital communication technologies, including social media, in enabling activism and critique?

-   How does the dominance of the English language affect scholarship and teaching? How does English language hegemony restrict our ability to give voice and listen to others, and explore diverse forms of critique?

Division Awards will be given for:

  • Best Paper
  • Best Doctoral Student Paper
  • Best International Business Paper
  • Best ‘Dark Side’ Case Study
  • Best Doctoral Dissertation
  • Best Developmental Reviewer

Please refer to our website http://group.aomonline.org/cms/ for more detail on these awards and the remit of the Division. All award winners are celebrated at the CMS business meeting.

The submission website, http://aom.org/annualmeeting/submission/, is scheduled to open on November 5, 2013. It includes guidance on how and when to submit, as well as the format paper and symposia submissions must take. The deadline to submit is January 14, 2014 at 5 PM US Eastern Time. To discuss potential submissions, especially symposia, please email us at e.bell@keele.ac.uk or s.taylor@bham.ac.uk no later than December 16 2013.Please also sign up to review others’ submissions when you submit.