Understanding Management Critically by Dyer, Humphries, Fitzgibbons & Hurd

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Understanding Management Critically by Dyer et al

Turn the spotlight on management education…

  • Richard Branson launched a global team of business leaders to create sustainable business models
  • Starbucks partnered with an environmental organisation to support ecological coffee growing
  • H&M repositioned itself as “the home of ethical fashion”

Can big business have a conscience – and what impact will it have?

In these times of global economic crisis, social unrest towards the powers that be, and a yearning for alternative systems and organization, it’s now more relevant than ever for you to take a critical stance to your management studies in order to analyse, understand and question the world around you and the capitalist stronghold in which you live and work.

Exploring globalisation, consumer culture, diversity and more, this new thought-provoking text uses critical theory and revolutionary ideas to help you challenge the status quo and prevailing ideologies in management.  Understanding Management Critically covers key issues, thinkers and topics in an accessible style to provide a broad and clear understanding of vital theory which is applied to the real world through international case studies and reflective questions and think points for you to carry into practice.

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This textbook is essential reading for any undergraduate or postgraduate student studying critical management, or any management course with a critical slant.