The ongoing debate on journal publishing

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debate on this issue in the media


As journal publishing is a particularly pressing issue in academia – with problems such as extremely restricted access to academic work, enourmous profits gained by publishers and even censhoship, – this page has been created to keep track of the debate by adding links to different contributions on the theme that appeared in the media. Let us know whether there's anything missing via the comments section.

Lilley, S. (1 Nov 2012) How publishers feather their nests on open access to public money, The Times Higher Education

Parker, M. (9 April 2014) Academic freedoms and the University ltd., posted in Management is too important not to debate blog of the University of Leicester

Jump, P. (5 June 2014) Resignations threat over Taylor & Francis ‘censorship’, The Times Higher Education

Beverungen, A. (16 June 2014) Censorship and the absurdities of journal publishing, Hybrid Publishing Lab

Weir, K. (18 June 2014) Censoring academics works well for publishers, posted in Management is too Important Not to Debate Blog of the University of Leicester

Jump, P. (19 June 2014) Taylor & Francis apologises after ‘censorship’ debateThe Times Higher Education


Also see the following academic articles:

Beverungen, A., S. Böhm and C. Land (2012) The poverty of journal publishingOrganization, 19(6): 929-938 

Harvie, D., G Lightfoot, S. Lilley and K. Weir (2012) What are we to do with feral publishers?, Organization, 19(6): 905-914

Harvie, D., G Lightfoot, S. Lilley and K. Weir (2014) Publisher, be damned! From price gouging to the open roadPrometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, 31(3): 229-239 [the pre-Taylor&Francis intervention version of the article is available here, with the requested excisions highlighted in yellow]