Management Theory at Work 3 , day around radio / video

Last updated, 24 May 2015
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Phonic FM take on web version of conference
Bike Shed Theatre , Exeter

Management  Theory at Work started as two conferences at Lancaster over a decade ago. #mtw3 has been an online promotion for a third face2face event. In March it was online only and continues as such but also Phonic FM has been given space in August so there is a day event to create more sound files and video. FM radio is moving online so this could be a problem situation, shared by similar issues for libraries and journals. One issue is around streaming subs and how production can be funded. The first conference started with a keynote from John Burgoyne and there are several clips on YouTube that update the issues. There will be space for critique. The first one included discussion on relevance for business schools and this may continue from various points of view. There is no call for papers as such and it may turn out best to link to other video etc. Any suggestions welcome. The event is free but donations to Phonic FM are possible. If you know someone probablby near Exeter in August please pass this on.